Mothers that were on meth and how they kicked ice out of their lives

For people that have decided to quit meth or to help a loved one kick the addiction to the curb, you have come to the right place.

We will be discussing many experiences and we will share any and all information that mothers who have kicked their ice addiction have narrowed down to a list. If you have truly decided to quit your addiction which is, of course, the first step to this huge endeavor, you have to understand that there are is no unique way and method that is universal to everyone, and the timeline may vary from person to person, but mothers who have kicked their meth addiction swear on these steps as it has helped them overcome this troublesome issue that was destroying their family.

Post2aEach stage is entangled and connected to the persons emotional and psychological state, so even though the stages may vary in length they are not escapable, only the order may be changed slightly depending on your mental state.

The 4 stages are as follows:

Stage 1: The Withdrawal which usually lasts from a day to up to 20 days.

This is not set in stone, it can also last for up to a month or more, depending on how the body fights the withdrawal symptoms and how much damage has been done to your system. This stage is usually focused on trying to get as much ” normal” sleep, food, and fluids into your body to keep it on track to recovery. Some people believe this is the worst, but there are many steps after this one and the next one is.

Stage 2: The got better golden period

The golden honeymoon period starts after you have kicked the withdrawal symptoms. In this stage, you feel emotionally stronger and your spirit feels lighter and happier. This is actually the place where many mothers say they relapsed as they have thought little of the battle and that they are invincible. Don’t let this overconfidence fuck you up again! Be prepared and don’t give in. This state won’t last forever and you need every ounce of positivity to fight the stage that comes after the golden period.

post2bStage 3: The stop period

You reached your stop. You opened a door and you have a wall in front of you and nothing can progress. You feel stuck and in many situations, the negativity is just around the corner. Here you need to fight another monster and that is called depression. Boredom won’t help you here so you must find things to keep yourself active. Many mothers have started group activities and working out. This is your hardest fight as you won’t have much motivation but you must get over it.

Stage 4: The Ongoing struggle

This is actually life as we know it. You have kicked your addiction to the curb but once you solved that rubrics cube, the mathematical problem that is life has got its hands wrapped around you. This is something that you will have to do till the day you leave this earth and with the help of your loved ones you will at least have a fun time with this struggle, and the best part is it will be meth free.