How to help a crystal meth addict

The presence of drugs within families has been on the rise in the recent years. There are more families now that have had a direct drug crisis or that know somebody very close that has had a drug crisis than there have been 50 years ago. The issues that families face today have become too much for certain people that just want to lead a normal life without too much stress, and so they turn to drugs. The biggest drug problem has been with two specific drugs.

post3aThe heroin problem and the crystal meth problem. We will be focusing today on the crystal meth problem that many families have present and even more specifically we will focus on the mothers that have decided to introduce the meth addiction problem into their family and their lives. Since being a mother today requires a lot more work than it has been in the past, many turn to crystal meth as a performance enhancer for their day-to-day activities. The problem with this is that eventually the crystal meth turns against them and leads them to even more problems and difficulties. Lucky there are many moms that have quit and they have decided to share their stories and tips on how to help other people quit.

First thing is first, nobody will quit if they have not decided that they want to quit.

When sharing their experience with their meth addiction, many mothers point out that until they decided that it was time to kick the addiction to the curb, that it did not matter how much everyone else wanted them to quit meth. The triggers could be various reasons, but the most important decision and the first step is that you need to decide it’s time to stop.

Second advice is to be prepared for the withdrawal symptoms and to get as much help from your loved ones as possible as many of the withdrawal symptoms are hard to deal on your own. Some of them are:


– Huge chest pains

– Many breathing problems

– Constantly present paranoia

– Daily mood swings

– Severe weight loss and health issues due to it

– And the increased risk of strokes, seizures and heart attacks where you really need somebody to be close to you during this time.

Last but not least the surrounding environment needs to provide you the support and encouragement that you will eventually need to fight this monster. Many mothers that have successfully dealt with their addiction have enriched their lives with activities that would keep them off medication and depression free. Depression is a serious side effect of the meth addiction and that in itself is a whole additional fight that you need to win in order to continue life without getting back to your addiction roots.