How to Get Free Wizard101 Crowns

In addition to the using the online “invite a friend” program, another subtle way on comment avoir des couronnes wizard101 gratuit is by playing FreeKI Games Trivia. This trivia consists of a number of fun quizzes. You will be required to answer these correctly in order to receive your crowns. You won’t be required to pay money for anything here, so you’ll be required to purchase crowns which are essentially the game’s currency or purchase membership which grants access to all areas for a limited time period. Unfortunately, these purchases will add to your expenses and you may want a cheaper or free way to get them. Free crowns can help you unlock new zones so that you can explore other areas and have a blast.


How to play FreeKI Games Trivia

You will have to answer a few questions related to Wizard101. This trivia consists of a number of fun quizzes. A score of 75% or higher will earn you a lot of free Wizard101 crowns and additional bonuses here and there. Not only will you test your brain, but you will also obtain free Wizard101 crowns in the process! Not bad, huh?

Since crowns are the premium currency in Wizard101, everyone is trying to get as many as possible. Players everywhere are ready to shell out hundreds of dollars just to get a few thousands of them; it’s insane! Let’s show you a few ways on how to get free Wizard101 crowns:

  1. Use the official “Invite a Friend” referral system.
  2. Download free crown generators or cheats.
  3. Create an account on “prize” websites such as Prize Rebel, where you can earn crowns by completing offers.

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